Traditional Hawaiian Dances

Hawaii is one of the most wonderful places in the world. Hawaii has eight Islands and the most popular ones are The Big Island, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. If you are moving to Hawaii, you will enjoy plenty of lovely beaches, authentic cuisine, tasty exotic drinks and refreshments and of course, traditional Hawaiian dances!

Traditional Hawaiian Dances

A beloved and cherished part of the Hawaiian culture is traditional Hawaiian dance. You will be able to see traditional Hawaiian dances at any Island because it is a part of their culture and they are proud of it. Therefore, if you attend one of the events in Hawaii, you will definitely be able to see the lovely performance of a Hula dance. In case you are moving from one Island to another, you should hire local movers Hawaii to assist you with a move.

There are several types of Hula dance and the most common and well know are:

  • Hula Kahiko
  • Hula ‘Auana
Two traditional Hawaiian dances are Hula Kahiko and Hula 'Auana.
Kahiko is a primitive and ancient Hula dance, while ‘Auana is a modern one.

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Hula Kahiko

One of the popular traditional Hawaiian dances is Hula Kahiko. Kahiko means primitive and ancient and it exists way before the Western culture became known. This dance has a lot of movement and Oli (oh-lee) chants. Combined together, they are telling stories of each Island, events, travelers, royalty etc.

Each Hawaiian dance has meaning and a story. Hawaiian residents love their traditional Hawaiian dances and they are presenting and performing it proudly to anyone who comes to visit or move to Hawaii. In case you want to move to Hawaii, here are some tips on renting vs. buying a house!

There are several types of Hula Kahiko:

  • Hula Ali’i
  • Hula ‘Ili ‘Ili
  • Holoholona
  • Pele
Dancer in their festive Hula dancing uniforms.
Except for the Hula dances, you should also visit wonderful beaches, try exotic cocktails and drinks and enjoy Hawaiian cuisine.

Hula Ali’i

One of the most popular activities in Hawaii is traditional Hawaiian dances. If you are willing to try, you will be able to get a course and learn to dance the same as the dancers who are performing any type of Hulu dance.

Hula Ali’i dance can also be done in plenty of forms, without or with props. The main element is a chant that tells a story about a subject. This type of dance is created in honor of monarch or chief.

Hula ‘Ili ‘Ili

This is a very interesting performance. While dancers are moving they are using a water-worn, smooth pebble. Each dancer has its own variant of the dance. The goal of the dance is to clap together pebbles, that are being held in each hand, in order to produce a pleasing sound.

Hula Holoholona

Hula Holoholona is another one of the traditional Hawaiian dances. These kinds of dances are dedicated to animals. In Holoholona performances, dancers imitate animal movements and sounds.

This dance can be done while dancers are sitting, standing, or in any combination as long as they present the animal properly. These dances are dedicated to animals such as honu (turtle), `îlio (dog), manô (shark), and pua`a ( pig).

Hula Pele

Pele is also one of the traditional Hawaiian dances dedicated to the goddess of fire, wind, lightning, and volcanoes. The dance is intense and requires a lot of energy. Pele dance talks about the journeys and relationship of the goddess. However, except for the fascinating Hula dances, you should also try the best and authentic Hawaiian beach drinks.

Hula dance performer during the night.
A Hula Pele is a dance dedicated to the goddess of fire, wind, lightning, and volcanoes.

Hula ‘Auana

Hula ‘Auana is a modern Hula dance and it is created later on and in response to the Western influences. The word ‘Auana means ramble or wander. This is a modern hula dance and it a little bit different than Hula Kahiko. However, Hula ‘Auana also tells stories through the movements and songs.

Another difference between Hula Kahiko and Hula ‘Auana is that in the modern version of Hula dance, performers are using different types of musical instruments. The most common instruments are ukulele and steel guitar.

Hula Hapa Haole

Hula Hapa Haole means “part foreign“, literally translated. In the Hula Hapa Haole dance, performers are using English words instead of native Hawaiian one. The story of the dance speaks about the westernization of the hula.

Hula As Exercise

Except for being a traditional Hawaiian dance, Hula can also be an excellent form of exercise. Hula dance is similar to yoga because it improves coordination and muscle awareness.

Hula dancers spend most of the time in a semi-squat position with their knees bent. Muscles of the trunk, abdominal and legs are the parts of the body that you will be using the most while performing a Hula dance.

While some other Polynesian dances, such as Tahitian one, provide a more cardiovascular workout, Hawaiian Hula dance is completely different but also gives great results. Hula dance is a perfect exercise and while you are dancing it will keep your heart in its fat-burning zone.

Want to try Hula dance? You can find DVD’s on the internet if you want to exercise at your home. However, there are also a lot of places where you can get hula dancing classes. You should know that the best Hula classes you will get in the area with most of the population of native Hawaiians. If you really want to learn Hulu dance, try to find an experienced, native, Hawaiian instructor.

Those were the things you should know about traditional Hawaiian dances. Have fun in Hawaii, enjoy dancing and keep your body in perfect shape! Good luck!