Who Should You Hire If You’re Moving to Maui

Are you planning on moving to Maui? Then you probably need to think about who to hire to help with the move!

While renting a truck and moving by yourself sounds financially advantageous, working with long distance movers is the safer and less stressful way to go.

Finding the right company to hire when moving to Maui is no different than hiring a moving team for short distance transfers. With only a couple exceptions.

If you’re planning to move across the country, here’s what you need to know about long distance moving and who to hire to help you move to Maui.

Moving to Maui

Who to hire if you’re moving to Maui

Moving a few streets or neighborhoods away is definitely easier than crossing the border. As a result, long distance moves are a bit different than a regular change address.

If you plan on moving to Maui, make sure you know how many miles you have to travel. Once you know exactly how far you’re going to travel next, start narrowing down long distance professional movers in your area.

Do your research online, ask for referrals, do everything you need to do to find the best moving company to hire and feel safe during the moving process.

In addition, make sure the moving company you hire adheres to the legal requirements withing the state you’re moving into.

How much does moving to Maui cost

Moving to Maui and traveling across the border does indeed cost a pretty penny. Compared to moving across the street, professional movers will have to drive hundreds of miles and make sure all your belongings stay safe during the transit.

Most commonly, there are a two ways a long distance company will charge for the moving to Maui service.

Most moving companies might charge you based on weight. The more your belongings drag the scale down, the more the long distance move will cost.

If this is the case, you can definitely save on the total cost! Downsizing before moving is a great idea! Before the moving company comes to your door and starts working on getting you a cost estimate, you can safely get rid of the items you don’t need.

In other cases, although not very often, movers estimate the cost of a move based on distance and time required to arrive to your new destination. Mileage, time, the cost of gas, the total cost of moving to Maui is based on summing up all the little things.

Will the moving company take care of everything from start to finish

Most times, the long distance moving team will come to your door, pick up your things, drive for few hours and deliver your belongings at your new address in Maui.

But beware of those who use third party movers! Always ask about this detail beforehand.

If the truck that picks up your belongings is not the same one that delivers them to your door, you should definitely know about it. This way, you can safely research the third party service and make sure your furniture and personal things are safe.

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